Beach Mural for Kids

Beach Mural

This beautiful pastell colored beach mural was done for  a cute little girl.

It was going around all four walls and has an umbrella, a sand castle, a surf board and palm trees.

Isn’t it charming? A beach mural is very fun for children and a very cute theme. It can be combined with almost every furniture color.

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Playing Children Outdoor Mural

Playing Children outdoor mural was done on a facade and even after more than 10 years it is still there. The children are grown ups now, the dog passed away years ago, but the mural remains with sweet childhood memories.
The playing children mural can also be painted on stick and peel fabric and can even be placed on a smooth wall outdoors.
The walls for a stick and peel mural need to be smooth in any case otherwise it wont stick.

Find more information about stick and peel murals – CLICK HERE

playing children mural

A Romantic Mural for your Child’s Bedroom

A romantic mural in your child’s bedroom can be a great alternative for a painting, sticker or decal.

I did a cute bird’s nest  mural for a child’s bedroom not long ago. On the other walls I painted  a tree, over the door a squirrel is eating a nut.

Such a mural looks nice in any room, even the kitchen or a bathroom.

You can get a  romantic bird’s nest mural also as stick and peel fabric. You just place it on a smooth wall and that’s it. No glue or mess. You also can remove it and stick it somewhere else.

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romantic mural

Window Mural for a Restaurant

The window mural was done for a restaurant that had a small and long room which they used for private parties but it was not booked as it should.The wall where you see the mural is a fold-able door which is connected to the main room of the restaurant.

First we faux finished this wall, then added a window mural to open up the small space. The intention was to make the room look bigger with an additional window. The result was fabulous! The restaurant owner told us later that it was much easier for him to rent out the room for private parties and events.

We do all kinds of commercial mural and wall finishes. They can be done on stick and peel fabric as well which is very convenient as it sticks without glue and can be re-used.

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window mural


Greek Wall Mural for the Backyard

greek mural outdoors
Greek wall mural for the backyard, garden or any wall inside or outside.

The Greek mural was painted on the wall of  a garage which was white. My clients did some very nice landscaping and added a pavilion tent which looked very good with the typical Greek colors blue and white.

It is a typical Greek setting that you will find on very many Greek islands. If you are a fan of Greece and have a backyard wall you will like this wall mural.
Murals can be done on any surface. It doesn’t matter if it is metal, wood or stone. With the right preparation and sealer the mural will last many, many years outdoors despite all weather conditions.

Charlie Chaplin Mural – A Hollywood Legend

chaplin mural art

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French Mural Design Ceiling

The French mural design ceiling is awesome for  a home that is already in the French style; this can also be French Country style as well as the classy sophisticated French style.
I took the design from a French tapestry and duplicated it onto the  cathedral ceiling ove rht dining room table.

First I faux finished the ceiling with a light and subtle faux finished background and the design the four parts of the ceiling were not visible at all.

I choose gold and copper for the ornamental painting and a very subtle faux finish in earth tones, of umber and raw amber.
Then I applied the ornamental design and added a thin layer of gold-copper at the end.

Such a design can be painted on stick and peel fabric which is perfect for a ceiling as it sticks without glue.
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french ceiling mural

Hollywood Star Marilyn Monroe Mural

Marilyn in Art     hollywood star mural

Marilyn in Art – the book                        Marylin Monroe – the mural

Marilyn lives forever. She is unforgettable, and was one of the greatest actresses this world had ever seen – Marylin Monroe.

Some years ago I was asked to paint some Hollywood stars in life size on a wall for an office. They asked us to paint James Dean, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn.

Marilyn as life size mural can be seen in the book “Marilyn in Art”. If you like such a life size commercial mural of  celebrities or Hollywoodstars  you can either have it painted directly onto the wall or on stick and peel fabric.
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Hand Painted Antique Scroll

Antique scroll Mural

This is a hand painted antique scroll on papyrus. The papyrus paper of course is not real paper,  it looks like it. It is a faux finish that is imitating this aged paper that was used for scrolls.
The scroll was done for a living room and is of a good size (about 4 feet high).

The rod is also painted. This mural is also called a Trompe L’Oeil Mural which means it is a mural that is tricking the eye because it looks so real that the viewer might think it is!
These kinds of murals are my specialty.

It will look great as a stick and peel mural – it can be done! Check out the stick and peel mural page and find out what exactly it is.


Panda Bear Mural – Let the Children play

blank wall
the wall was painted with non-toxic paint in a light-green before I applied the mural.
Mural for a NurserylI I did the panda bears for a twins nursery in La Canada on 2 walls.

How to make a bathroom look bigger

Bathroom wall before mural

Bathroom wall before muralMural Niche with orchids

 Mural Niche with orchids












Mural Niche with orchids

What do you do when the bathroom is long and small as the one I did the mural for?
First a Faux Finish will add a warm touch to the whole room.  Then I painted a Niche Mural which was adding dimension and more brightness into the small bathroom. The stencil border makes the whole design complete.

My home is my castle – Old World Mural Pacific Palisades

Hallway Old World Mural
Hallway Old World Mural

Beautiful Old World style Mural for an entryway in private residence of Pacific Palisades.

First I did a faux finish, then added the pomegranate tree and finally the vines with two humming birds.

The entry way corner is now the focal point of the whole downstairs area. The mural is enhancing the space and created some old world charme.